Partnership and Leadership Change Within Burlington Capital Ag-Venture


January 31, 2023 – Omaha, NE

We are pleased to announce a new partnership and leadership change within Burlington Capital Ag-Venture (BC Ag-Venture). Since its launch in August 2021, BC Ag-Venture has established itself as a leader in the AgTech space through the partnership between Burlington Capital and Invest Nebraska, both organizations having strong Midwest roots and proven track records in the investment and development of businesses in agricultural and technology-related fields.

Over the past year, BC Ag-venture has recognized tremendous momentum and opportunities in the AgTech space. To maintain this momentum and focus, the partners in BC Ag-Venture decided to transfer the management of the Fund from Burlington Capital to Michael Jung and the Fund’s Management team.

Michael Jung, who developed and lead the efforts of BC Ag-Venture for Burlington Capital, will be taking over the management of the newly formed Grit Road Ag-Venture along with his partners at Invest Nebraska. The transition of BC Ag-Venture to Grit Road Ag-Venture is a perfect example of how Burlington Capital successfully grows businesses to be sustainable, then seeks the best possible path(s) for continued growth. Mr. Jung worked at Burlington Capital for 18 years and served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Burlington Capital International since 2012.  “Having Mike allocate full time, attention and focus to Grit Road Ag-Venture will help take the Fund to the next level and achieve its true potential. This is an exciting opportunity for Mike and will allow Grit Road to continue to grow and succeed,” said Lisa Y. Roskens, Chairman and CEO of Burlington Capital, “Mike has been an instrumental part of the success of BC Ag-Venture and he is well positioned to further build upon the foundation created by Burlington Capital.”

The future is looking bright for Grit Road Partners and Ag-Venture! With the support of its partners and ample resources, the company is well-equipped to achieve its goals and objectives.  “We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter and are confident in our ability to continue to grow and have Grit Road serve as a catalyst to strengthen and broaden the AgTech ecosystem in the Midwest,” said Mike Jung, Managing Partner. Burlington Capital remains a strategic investor and part of the Grit Road team. This is an exciting time for all involved, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Grit Road Ag-Venture.

To learn more about Grit Road Partners, please visit We look forward to celebrating future successes with Mike Jung and his team.

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