Michael B. Yanney founded the investment banking firm, America First Companies in 1984. Over the years, our company evolved and expanded into multifamily real estate and international agribusiness investments. To operate more effectively as an international company, we changed our name to Burlington Capital in 2006.

Today, Burlington Capital is led by an entrepreneurial team headed by CEO Lisa Y. Roskens. Since 1984, Burlington Capital has successfully developed and managed many unique business opportunities for institutional, private, and public partners.

Since 1984, we have:


Served as the general partner for 17 public and 10 private funds


Raised, financed and managed assets of over $7 billion


Served more than 100,000 investors


Developed a leading property management team earning the prestigious Accredited Management Organization (AMO) conferred by the Institute of Real Estate Management


First to obtain a AAA Standard & Poor’s rating for a limited partnership


Created first master limited partnerships traded on the NASDAQ


Has had four different funds accepted for trading on the NASDAQ


First and only company to successfully sponsor a limited partnership to acquire a distressed savings and loan institution from the federal government


Founded an independent investment advisory firm that manages portfolios for individuals, endowments and foundations


International experience in 36 countries


Managed a $100 million equity investment partnership that was fully invested in food and agribusiness companies in the former Soviet Union


Secured more than $327mm in US government funds for international agriculture development projects

1984 History
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1984: America First Founded

1985: America First Federally Guaranteed Mortgage Funds I & II formed

America First Tax Exempt Mortgage Fund (TE I) formed


1986 History
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1986: America First Tax Exempt Mortgage Fund 2 (TE II) formed

America First Participating Preferred Equity Mortgage Fund I
(PREP Fund I) formed

1988:  America First PREP Fund 2 (PREP Fund 2) & PREP Fund 2 Pension Series (PREP Fund 2 Pension) formed

America First Financial Fund acquires Eureka Federal Savings and Loan Association from the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC)

1995 History
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1991:  America First assumes management of Capital Source I & II (Cap Source I & Cap Source II)

1993:  America First REIT, Inc. (AF REIT) formed with 7 properties from

1995:  AF REIT sold to Mid-America Apartment Communities

2000 History
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1996: Agribusiness Partners International, LP formed

 1998: Three PREP funds merged to become America First Mortgage Investments (MFA)

America First Tax Exempt Mortgage
Fund merged into America First
Multifamily Investors (ATAX)

EurekaBank sold to Bay View Capital Corporation

 1999: Total Real Estate portfolio includes 40 properties with 14,000 units

2005 History
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2001: Cap Source I & Cap Source II merge to form America First Real Estate Investment Partners (AFREZ) MFA becomes self-advised mortgage REIT

 2002:  America First Apartment Investors, Inc. (APRO) formed

Cantera Partners,
LLC launched with
its first monetization of milk powder in Kazakhstan

 2003: APROZ merged into APRO

 2004: AFREZ merged into APRO

2010 History
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2006: America First changes name to Burlington Capital

APRO becomes self-advised REIT

Total Real Estate portfolio includes 50 properties with 19,000 units

 2007: APRO purchased by Sentinel Real Estate Corp.

Agribusiness Partners International, LP exited

 2008: Total Real Estate portfolio includes
40 properties with 8,100 units

2015 History
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2012: APRO II, LLC formed

2015: Total Real Estate portfolio includes 90 properties with 18,000 units

2020 History
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2016: Burlington Capital commenced exit of APRO II

Cantera awarded a US Government contract to evaluate the agriculture markets in Benin, Ghana, and the Dominican Republic

Cantera Implemented a high oleic program in Moldova and Romania in partnership with DOWAGRO

2017: Fund VI is formed

Burlington Capital created MANULIFE Farmland Services Company in Alberta, Canada

 2019: Burlington Capital and Subsidiary Complete Sale of AFCA 2 Partnership Interests to Greystone



  • Proven Ventures, a Burlington Capital Fund, launched
  • Burlington Capital Ag-Venture, an ag-tech fund, launched
  • Burlington Capital Multifamily Income Trust, launched
  • Burlington Capital Multifamily Access Fund, launched


  • Sale of CleanCore Solutions


  • Transfer of Management of Burlington Capital Ag-Venture to Grit Road Partners

Who We Are

Burlington Capital is an alternative investment management firm that creates and pursues innovative business ventures through its experience, knowledge and relationships in the areas of real estate, international agribusiness and venture capital. We are committed to successfully developing and managing these unique business opportunities for institutional, private and public partners.  Our established history of success can be attributed to our vision – to seek and recognize new investment opportunities in the rapidly changing global economic climate.

This vision is still part of our business philosophy today. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our entrepreneurial team believes in the ability to combine traditional and new investment structures to achieve the desired balance between risk and reward, while maintaining a Midwestern work-ethic and strong values of integrity. Our ability to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities reflects our commitment to our long-term investors and partners.

Our Key Principles

Burlington Capital has a proven track record of successfully building and operating businesses for the benefit of our investors, clients and community.