History and Expertise

Our established history of success can be attributed to our vision – to seek and recognize new investment opportunities in the rapidly changing global economic climate. This vision is still part of our business philosophy today. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, our entrepreneurial team believes in the ability to combine traditional and new investment structures to achieve the desired balance between risk and reward, while maintaining a Midwestern work-ethic and strong values of integrity. Our ability to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities reflects our commitment to our long-term investors and partners.

Infinity at Plaza West

Acquistion Strategy

Invest in existing Class B and C properties in secondary markets.


Seek older properties that will benefit from interior and exterior improvements and increased energy efficiency while remaining affordable

Implement a value-add strategy with interior and exterior renovations coordinated by our construction services group and enabling our properties to increase rents and lower operating expenses

Expertise: Management team has demonstrated track record of success in Class B and C properties for over 30 years






Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy

Dominic Vaccaro

Dominic Vaccaro

Jason Whipple

Jason Whipple

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