The International side of Burlington Capital began in the mid-1970s when Michael Yanney, with the able assistance of several global agriculture partners, developed over 30 agriculture production projects in the USSR during the height of the Cold War. Over that 15-year-period, Mr. Yanney established a strong and reliable deal-making reputation in the Region. After the Iron Curtain fell, and the region began to stabilize as independent countries, Mr. Yanney recognized the opportunity to invest capital wisely with the support of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and was successful in forming a private equity investment fund with a focus on agribusiness in the region. Agribusiness Partners International (API), a $100 million fund invested in eight agribusinesses in the region, covered a broad sector of businesses. These ranged from an integrated poultry operation, dairy and milk processor, food packaging and glass container production, bottled water and sparkling wine companies. The API fund successfully exited all the businesses by 2007.

Over the years the International team has been able to leverage its experience and knowledge to partner and to develop the relationships with the most innovative and respected international agriculture companies, domestic and foreign government agencies, not-for-profits/ non-governmental organizations and institutional investors. In developing these partnerships, the international team has been able to continue to broaden its focus on international agriculture in over 26 countries.

MANULIFE (TSE/NYSE: MFC) is a Canadian based insurance company and financial services provider. Manulife Farmland Services Canada (MFSC), focused on identifying quality farmland, facilitating the acquisition and management of these assets for MANULIFE. MFSC was a joint venture between Burlington Capital, MANULIFE, and Hancock Natural Resource Group.  MFSC focused its initial efforts in Alberta and opened an office in Calgary. 


How International division came to be

How International division came to be

Burlington Capital International got its start in the 1970s when Michael Yanney was asked by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz to introduce American agriculture to Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet Ambassador to the United States. At the time, Mr. Yanney was...