Introducing Burlington Capital – Moving Upward

You might notice a fresh, new look around here. We recently made quite a few changes that we hope you will enjoy– from the eye-catching design of our comprehensive new website to our new logo and even a new simplified name! As the success of Burlington Capital has grown and our business has expanded, we felt that streamlining our visual impact was key.

First by changing our name to Burlington Capital from The Burlington Capital Group, we are able to present a more simplified name that encompasses all of our companies, including America First. This name change represents a timely consolidation of our brands and a positive restructuring that allows the brand identity to remain simple and effective.

Our dynamic new logo contains the colors blue and green that are naturally associated with the terms “knowledge, stability, honesty, growth and safety.” We think those words fit us pretty well. The arrow denotes our steadfast ability to always be moving upward in every professional interaction.

Take a look around our site. We’re excited to share with you stories and videos that give you a better understanding about what we do here at Burlington Capital. Fresh. Simple. Straightforward. We think you’re going to like what you see.

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