Lisa Roskens


Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Y. Roskens is Chief Executive Officer of Burlington Capital. Ms. Roskens restructured the global operations of Burlington Capital to focus on real estate, agribusiness, and private equity. Under her leadership, the company has acquired, financed, and/or managed assets totaling over $7 billion and developed a Real Estate portfolio that has included over 68,000 units in 40 states. Ms. Roskens presided over the sale of Burlington Capital’s two publicly traded subsidiaries, America First Multifamily Investors (ATAX) and  America First Apartment Investors (APRO). She has extensive experience working in international markets, executing projects with the government at all levels, and developing entrepreneurial business. Her current community involvement includes providing affordable housing for veterans, building a safer juvenile detention center, and serving on boards of multiple not-for-profits. One of Ms. Roskens recent achievements was bringing the 2017 FEI World Cup in equestrian jumping and dressage to Omaha creating a $35 million economic impact for the community.