Burlington Capital Launches CleanCore Solutions

OMAHA, Neb. (April 25, 2019) – Burlington Capital is launching a new venture in its aqueous ozone business by merging CleanCore Technologies and O-Z Tech Water. This new company, CleanCore Solutions, will be a much more diverse and innovative provider of environmentally safe, chemical-free cleaning technology.

“Burlington Capital, as the majority owner of CleanCore Solutions, is committed to creating industry-leading, sustainable solutions that are important to our clients throughout the United States and Canada,” said Pamela Finn, President of Business Development for Burlington Capital.

Gary Holst, President of CleanCore Solutions, added, “CleanCore Solutions combines the innovation of both companies that will provide value to our customers in the ice machine, laundry and industrial cleaning sectors as we continue to grow in the expanding green economy.”

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, CleanCore Technologies serves health care facilities, schools and universities, government agencies, airports and manufacturing industries. The company uses a patented process to create a chemical-free, organic cleaning solution that provides better surface coverage than traditional cleaning agents and reduces the carbon footprint of the end user.

O-Z Tech Water, also based in Omaha, provides a line of aqueous ozone products that provide enhanced cleaning solutions for ice machine and industrial laundry clients. O-Z Tech’s aqueous ozone technology purifies the water used to make ice, and also sanitizes the machine with each new batch, resulting in a cleaner machine and clearer ice cubes than standard filtration systems can provide. Complete with tailored plans for every customer and application, O-Z Tech Laundry units reduce chemical usage, drying time, and energy and labor expenses.

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