Burlington Capital History- 1984-1985

Burlington Capital, formerly America First, has successfully developed and managed many unique business opportunities for institutional, private, and public partners.

Michael B. Yanney founded the investment banking firm, America First Companies in 1984.  Our first offerings were based on opportunities found in the multifamily real estate industry and changes in government financing policies in the 1980’s. Beginning with two portfolios of deeply discounted government guaranteed mortgages purchased at auction, America First’s real estate portfolio grew to include mortgages and/or equity positions in more than 145 multifamily real estate projects.

In 1985, America First recognized that impending tax reform, threatening to curtail tax-exempt investment income, was creating an exciting investment opportunity. America First Tax Exempt Mortgage Fund (the Fund) was formed to acquire federally tax-exempt participating mortgage loans. The goals of the Fund were to provide safety of capital, stable monthly federally tax-exempt cash distributions and the potential for enhanced yields resulting from participations in the net cash flow from each project and the net appreciation realized from the sale of the projects.

EF Hutton successfully marketed the Fund raising approximately $200 million. The Fund was listed on the NASDAQ under the trading symbol AFTXZ.

Burlington Capital is an alternative investment management firm that creates and pursues innovative business ventures through its experience, knowledge, and relationships in the areas of real estate, international agribusiness, and private equity.

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