Mike Jung


President and Chief Executive Officer, International

Michael Jung is Chief Executive Officer and President of Burlington Capital International. Among his responsibilities, Mr. Jung is the President and CEO of Cantera Partners that specializes in bringing together public and private sector partners and resources in economic development initiatives in emerging markets, as well as Agribusiness Management that provides agriculture advisory and management services.

Since joining Burlington Capital, Mr. Jung also has had an integral role in leading the expansion of Burlington International’s global footprint, expanding the focus from Russia and the Former Soviet Union into North America, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. Mr. Jung has successfully developed, negotiated, and executed a number of international deals and programs in the Former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa. During his time with Burlington Capital, Mr. Jung has secured more than $150 million in funding for its partners through U.S. Government-overseas initiatives. Mr. Jung and the international team have also developed several new lines of business within the Burlington Capital, which are providing international agriculture advisory and farm management services to large agriculture companies and institutional investors. Mr. Jung received a Masters of Business Administration from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.