Burlington Capital has extensive knowledge in the Financial Services industry. We built the company on our founder’s banking background resulting in:

  • America First Investment Advisors (AFIA) focused on preserving and growing the wealth of its individual and institutional clients. AFIA focused on long-term results for its clients, while following a disciplined approach to money management. Although independent from Burlington Capital today, AFIA is still fully operational and continues to call Omaha its home.
  • In 1987, when the American banking and savings and loan industry was in shambles, we brought to market the first public investment fund with the objective of acquiring a distressed savings and loan from the FLSIC. The fund, America First Financial Fund 1987-A acquired Eureka Federal Savings and Loan and Stanford Savings and Loan, successfully managed them as EurekaBank and in 1992 sold the bank at a substantial profit for our investors. The America First Financial Funds were the first public investment funds approved by the United States government to acquire a savings and loan association from the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  • America First Financial Institutions Investment Fund sought to take advantage of the continuing consolidation of the financial services sector. The fund invested primarily in equity securities issued by banks, savings & loans, insurance companies, and other providers of financial services.
  • The Linden Fund offered its investors a diversified portfolio focused primarily on merger arbitrage, collateralized bond obligations, distressed debt and mezzanine financing. The Linden Fund sought investments that provided upside potential with downside protection.