Chad Daffer

Chief Executive Officer, ATAX

Chad Daffer is Chief Executive Officer of America First Multifamily Investors (ATAX). Mr. Daffer has over 25 years of experience in credit analysis and structuring, underwriting and the placement of debt instruments. He is knowledgeable regarding a variety of HUD-housing programs, including Section 8, MAPS lending and 221D3/D4, 223F and 236 mortgage decoupling. Mr. Daffer is also well versed in Tax Exempt Bond Securitization, Tender Option Bond Financing, FNMA DUS lending, and sections 42, 142, and 145 of the US tax code. Mr. Daffer joined Burlington Capital from Kirkpatrick Pettis where he served for nine years as an Investment Banker with special focus in project-based revenue bonds and the housing industry. Through his efforts, Mr. Daffer completed the first bond financing of HUD 236 mortgage decoupling and his banking services spanned the realms of both for-profit and non-profit housing developers. From 1992 to 1996, Mr. Daffer worked at Paine Webber in Fixed Income Institutional Sales. Mr. Daffer graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.